Attention: Entrepreneurs Who’ve Had ENOUGH of the “hustle” lifestyle and are ready to regain their free time while padding their wallets.

This is Your Chance.

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To all the aspiring business owners, who’ve Had ENOUGH of the “hustle” the overwhelm, and the self doubt. It is time to step out of your fears and into your GREATNESS. At Bliss, We make peoples dreams come true, and its about damn time to make yours come to life!

This is Your Chance.

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You’ve always craved freedom—

It’s been one of those things that has been a the back of your mind for years.

You want to live life on your own terms.

Not to be chained to an office for 8 hours a day for the rest of your life…

Maybe, you’re one of the lucky few who LOVE their job.

But a salaried position is:

X Limited

X Outdated

X Clunky

X Limited

X Outdated

X Clunky

X Slow

X Counter Productive

It simply does not give you the space or leverage you truly need to live the kind of lifestyle you want: FREEDOM

Instead of traveling the world, meeting new people, and living out your vision board, you’ve been trapped in a stagnant job, where you need to ask permission for time off, or even to go to the doctor…

You wake up. Hustle. Sleep. Repeat.

And the worst part?

You KNOW That There’s a Better Way to Make Money…


Meet our Founder

Lexi Buentello


Lexi Buentello

{Founder} of Bliss Business Solutions, and I’m your one-stop shop for business building.

I’ve built up a healthy track record for helping businesses get to the next level, including:

Transforming $3k into $32K in a handful of monthsBuilding multimillion-dollar brands from scratch$12k launch days

Hello! I’m an Internal Medicine Board Certified physician with over 14 years of clinical experience. I’m a practicing hospitalist too at one of our local hospitals yet work full time at Chrysolite Aesthetics. I believes many doctors can make you feel better, but only artistic ones will make you look fabulous too!

In my consultation session, I measure every detail of your face to decide what treatment is the best for you! It’s like crafting a piece of art and I LOVE IT!!

Join the group of entrepreneurs that made their dream a reality!

Here’s What You Can Expect From Working With Me

Ground up Business-building that Saves You Time and Energy

I’ll help you with everything from conceptualizing your idea, to building the action steps that you need to take, saving you tons of time and energy.

Create a Brand that Speaks to the People

A brand is more than a business, it’s a voice that interfaces with the world in a unique way, building genuine bonds between your business and your clients. I’ll show you how to create a brand that magnetizes your ideal clients to you, so you can work less!

Precision Marketing Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

We’ve found success advertising on practically every Social Media platform. So we know the ins and outs of operating regardless of your platform of choice.

Experience Gained From Managing Millions in Ad Spend

When it comes to Ad spend, I’ve managed campaigns of all sizes. From as little as a handful of dollars at a time, to millions in Ad spend in a single year. I’ll bring all of that expertise to your business, to accelerate your reach and expand your bottom line

Logistic Optimization to Save You Time, Energy, and Stress

We’ll do more than just help you get more clients. We’ll re-design your processes to ensure that you’re delivering as much value as possible to your clients, without wasting excess time and energy.

Start Off with a BANG! Your Massive Business Launch

Momentum is everything in business, so I’ll work with you directly to position your new (or re-launching) business for an amazing launch day. Creating relationships with new prospects that last for a lifetime, and give you the push you need to get started.

Finally Give yourself the Freedom to Live Life on YOUR Terms

Still Skeptical?

I get it.

Starting your own business is a big step.

If you succeed, you transform your life forever, escape the rat race, and are able to live exactly the way you want to.

But if you fail, you’re back to square one, with less cash in your pocket and a ton of energy wasted…

Bliss has been there, countless times with business owners just like you.

We know exactly how to navigate the pitfalls that normally take businesses out of the game entirely.

We’ve also created a tried and proven methodology for growing your business as quickly as possible.

So not only will we help you navigate the dangerous early stages that every business must pass through, but we’ll also help you to hit your financial targets as quickly as possible, stabilizing your business and new lifestyle.

Sounds good?

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